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Donation to Alzheimer's Society

Last Thursday, the lodge Secretary went with Jean Hansford to present a cheque to the Alzheimer’s Society, from the Lodge Relief Chest, in memory of W. Bro. Joe Hansford GStB.

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September see's another new member join us.

Last night we had the pleasure of bringing our latest new member into the lodge, witnessed by a AMGM, SVO and VO a very enjoyable evening with every attending member taking part.

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Our Secretary makes a trip Down Under

Posted July 30th 2019

One of the hidden joys of being a Freemasons is visiting other Lodges and with over 6 million members worldwide you are sure to find a friendly welcome either near to home or further afield. This was put to the test on a recent visit to Australia when the Secretary of Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge No. 2362, Ian Edmed, had the privilege of attending a Lodge meeting at the Hastings Masonic Centre in Port Macquarie which is within the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Lachlan Macquarie Lodge No. 1042, like the town itself, takes its name from Major General Lachlan Macquarie, CB, a British Army officer and colonial administrator from Scotland. He became a Freemason in 1793 and served as the fifth and last autocratic Governor of New South Wales from 1810 to 1821.


The Lodge is not yet 10 years old but has a strong membership and was formed to cater for a younger group of businessmen. It holds its regular meetings on the fourth Wednesday of each month apart from January and December when it does not meet. Although the Masonic Centre can provide dining, the Lodge often holds its Festive Board (referred to as ‘The South’) at different local restaurants thereby supporting the local community and allowing family and friends to join them.
The meeting was conducted by Worshipful Master Dave Copley with Andrew Garth and Alan Williams assisting, in a style not to dissimilar to our Taylors workings. The layout of the Lodge Room was slightly different in so far as there was an additional pedestal in front of the Master’s pedestal. However, in all other ways the Lodge Room was the same as any Lodge room in London.

Freemasonry has long been associated with being a safe place to meet in friendship, exchange ideas and build lasting bonds. Being freely invited into another’s lodge and accepted as a Brother is what goes to the heart of being a freemason.

Armistice 100

The Armistice weekend in 2018 was one of the busiest, being the 100th anniversary since the guns fell silent after the 2nd World War on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.


Being a military Lodge and part of the Circuit of Service Lodges which was formed in 1993 and currently comprising 34 lodges, we proudly attended and paraded our banner at the Armistice Service on Saturday the 10th. It fell to Victoria Rifles Lodge (our Mother Lodge) to host the Armistice Service of Remembrance at the Grand Temple in Freemasons Hall. Approximately 1600 masons from across the country and further afield attended, many from military service to remember the fallen who gave us our liberty today.  http://www.militarymasons.org.uk/

On Sunday 11th Members of the Lodge attended the service of remembrance at the Ranger Memorial on Chenies Street, outside the parade hall from which the regiment which our lodge takes it name from was formed. Cadet Swan from the KIng's Royal Rifle Corp laid the wreath on behalf of the Lodge at a service attended by the American International Church and charity Just Rifles.