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Bloomsbury Rifles

Our Lodge of Instruction (also known as LOI) is held a generally on Tuesday evening, however confirmation will be sent by the Secretary prior to meetings..

The purpose of our LOI is to provide an opportunity for all attending Brethren to become versed in the ritual and symbolism of Freemasonry, and also to be able to practise the ritual in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


We meet on an informal basis and practise the various rituals so that at our ‘actual’ Meetings we feel confident and well-rehearsed. There are always experienced Brethren on hand to guide and instruct the newer Brethren as necessary. The LOI is key to a good meeting of which our members can be proud and which hopefully gives pleasure to our visitors.  


The meetings are usually overseen by the Preceptor (another word for teacher) who is usually our Director of Ceremonies (DC). The rehearsal of a ceremony normally takes place with the Officers of the Lodge occupying the positions they either hold or expect to hold the following year. Lay Brethren are also given the opportunity to practise any of the offices. This gives them a chance to practise a ceremony in an office which is unfamiliar to them.


There are also opportunities for any Brothers to practice any additional ritual or signs should they so desire (time permitting). Although, of course, the ceremonies are always practised in earnest to make sure that our best is given at our Meetings. LOI cannot be classified as a totally serious event and there is always a lot of fun and banter.

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