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Bloomsbury Rifles

Masters' Welcome,


Welcome to the official website of The Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge 2632. A very warm welcome awaits any Brother whom may wish to visit us.

This website has been set up for a number of reasons:-


Firstly, to act as a resource for members of the Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge to use and contribute to the information contained within its pages.

Secondly, to provide members of Bloomsbury Rifles' Lodge living outside the area an opportunity to keep up to date with current news and events both within the lodge.


Thirdly, to provide non-members with information about the lodge and freemasonry and hopefully encourage them to find out more and we hope that brings Freemasonry to the attention of any current or former Rifles,  serviceman in general and anyone wishing to find out more about this ancient fraternity.


We are part of the United Grand Lodge of England which includes some 6,800 lodges and over 200,000 members. As a service lodge, we are also a member of group of similar lodges, those being within the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, there are 1,400 Lodges with 40,000 members.


Please feel free to browse all areas of our site. If you would like any further information regarding Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge, or Masonry in general, please refer to our contact us section to ask for further information.



Our Philosophy

People from all walks of life become Freemasons for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted by the valuable work that the movement performs in raising money for charity. Freemasons also assist the community in more direct ways, such as carrying out voluntary work. Others become Freemasons because of the unique fellowship it provides. Visit a Masonic lodge anywhere in the country – or indeed, the world – and you are greeted as an old friend.


Freemasonry is the ultimate leveler, a community where friendship and goodwill are paramount.

Founding Members

Bro. Claud Scott  P.M.

Bro. Mathew Hale

Bro. G Grimes

Bro. Lewis Miller

Bro. W Faircloth

Bro.James Jackson

Bro. Harry Sillis

Our History

Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge No.2362 consecrated on the 9th July 1890 in to the United Grand Lodge of England.

11th July 2015 the Lodge celebrated its 125th Anniversary at CharterHouse.

15th January 2018 the Lodge joined the Circuit of Services Lodges.

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